Polka closeup (thanks to Sally Evans)

Dunton Olympics follow-up

Pictures from the blazing hot Dunton Olympics.

Old Rectory Dunton

Dunton Olympics

More breaking news: the pigeons will be appearing next Saturday at the ‘Dunton Olympics’. The revolution begins in rural Buckinghamshire!

Polka closeup (thanks to Sally Evans)

Polka in a tree

I’ve been sent this lovely shot of Polka in a tree.

Castlethorpe Duck Race 2012

Castlethorpe Duck Race follow-up

The race was great and people really turned out despite what felt like sub-zero temperatures at the end of May.


Castlethorpe Duck Race

Breaking News: pigeons on the road will be pitching up at the Castlethorpe Duck Race, 1p to 5pm on Sunday 20th May – next Sunday. Details on their ‘webbed’ site here.


Pigeons on the road: Missenden Abbey

The pigeons will be on show at Missenden abbey on 1 July 2012 as part of a fundraising event for the children’s disability charity the PACE Centre. Opens to the public at 11am-4pm More details to follow…


Introducing Daisy

Although Daisy was ready for me to take to the fair at Waddesdon, it’s taken a couple of weeks to get a photo.


Spot painting

Welcome to Damien To bring Damien into your home, go to the product page.

Waddesdon Event

Pigeons on the Road – Artists and Makers Fair – update

Quick reminder that you can see all the pigeons at the OriginalArtworks stand at Waddesdon Manor Plant Centre this weekend 5th and 6th May. You can see more about the artists at the event here, and the event details here.

Rainbow Pigeon

3 New pigeons

Three new pigeons added: Rainbow pigeon, England Pigeon and Polka Dot Pigeon.