If you would like to buy one just get in touch.

The pigeons are £15 each including post and packing.

About the pigeons

The pigeons are life size and made of plastic. They are painted with acrylic paint using a variety of methods and weather well but if you want to be sure of their longevity you may want to bring them indoors in frost.

All the pigeons are exclusively manufactured and painted in the UK.

About the artist

All the pigeons are painted by Lance Fennell. You can see more of his work here.

Support the project

Painting pigeons was a by-product of a proposed art installation in Milton Keynes, although it could take place anywhere. The idea is that every time a streetlight bulb is changed that a painted pigeon is fitted to the arm of the lamppost. Maybe sometimes two or three. Over time, a flock of painted pigeons will appear across the city. When the pigeons run out then at the next maintenance visit  they are removed, making the project finite.

An application was made to the Arts Council for financing but was turned down on the grounds that it was insufficiently developed and needed matching finance of at least 50% from another body, which probably means Milton Keynes council. It’s a long shot in these tough times and even the home of concrete cows probably has other priorities, but before that almost inevitable rejection you can show your support by either demanding brightly coloured plastic pigeons on the lampposts of your Local Authority or at least joining the mailing list.