Tiger in Serengeti

Tiger in the Serengeti

Can’t resist it… Apologies to http://www.safaris.me.uk/ from where I nicked the photo  

Tiger pigeon

The first production tiger

Here it is – at last. The mask is too thin, the orange too light and it doesn’t extend low enough over the wings, the face and white around the face not well defined enough, but here it is. Number one. Hopefully over the weekend I will have time to set it up with the […]


Police pigeon

This is a prototype of the Police pigeon done in oil.  

Tiger pigeon

Tiger pigeon prototype started

Here’s a first look at the prototype…

Three pigeons

V3 Fulmer Street…and all stolen

Re-sited the blue and green ones along with a new yellow one, this time close to the main road. They lasted from about 10pm last night until some time before 1:30pm this afternoon, by which time they had been stolen. I always knew they would get stolen eventually but it’s sad it’s only taken about […]

Not all still there in the morning…

…is the answer. The red and the blue one have been stolen.

four coloured pigeons in Shenley Church End, Milton Keynes

Shenley Church End

Sited the four at the entrance to Shenley Church End about 6:30 this morning while it was still dark. Need to remember a mallet next time as the pegs were quite hard to get in the ground. Went back once it was like to take these snaps. They were still there at nine tonight. Wonder […]

image of pigeon not yet completed

Work in Progress

Pigeon in production in the studio after two coats of yellow. One more to go.

4 pigeons

Not first past the post. This is first pigeon post. Four pigeons in the back garden. Tomorrow I’m taking them out for some action!